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Efest LUC S2 Charger

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Efest LUC S2 Charger

The Efest LUC S2 charger is a dual battery charger with a special X design. This powerful charger can charge two batteries at a size of 26650 in size.

At the front of the charger Efest you find an LED screen where the reading of the battery settings are off, and of course how full the battery.

This charger is equipped with a heat-protection. So can never get too hot your batteries so they could possibly go broke.

The charger is set in output of 1 Amp, 2 Amps and 0.5 Amps. Below you will need a list to which battery output.

Fit your batteries in the charger? If you have any of these batteries, you can use this charger:

14500 - 0.5A
14650 - 0.5A
16340 - 0.5A
18350 - 0.5A
18500 - 1A
18650 - 1A
26500 - 1A
26650 - 2A

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