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Efest LUC BLU6 OLED intelligent charger

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Efest LUC BLU6 Oled intelligent charger.

This intelligent charger works via Bluetooth and shows you the status via a handy app that is suitable for Android and IOS. This way you can see at a glance how full or empty the batteries are. You can also control the loading speed with this app.

Features: Efest LUC BLU6 Oled intelligent charger

- Place for 6 batteries at the same time (all rechargeable batteries, Lithium, Li-ion, Li-Mn and Ni-Mh.
- Suitable for 10.400, 14.500, 14.650, 16.340, 16.650, 17.350, 17.650, 17.670, 18.350, 18.490, 18.500, 18.650, 26.500, 26.650. Slot 1 and 6 can charge a maximum of 2A with 2 26500/26650 batteries.
- OLED screen for reading the charging time of the batteries. Readable at the end.
- 3 different charging positions: 0.5A, 1A and 2A. Single charging current is 2A and the total maximum charging current is 4A.
- Protection against overload and short circuit.
- Integrated Bluetooth communication module for a smartphone.
- requires Android 4.3 or IOS 7 with bluetooth 4.0

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