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CBUD Flower - Diamond Haze - 20% CBD / 0.02 THC

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CBUD Flower - Diamond Haze - 20% CBD/ 0.2 THC

CBUD Flower - Diamond Haze is a legal cannabis strain that has become very famous over the past year, although it has been available for some time. This CBD cannabis strain owes its popularity to a very sweet aroma and exceptional resistance to all weather conditions; this is why farmers tend to grow these plants in hilly areas.

CBUD Flower - Diamond Haze Buds

CBUD Flower - Diamond Haze buds exhibit - at first glance - an intense colour ranging from dark green to purple red. The underlying green is light, difficult to see because it is almost completely covered with orange and red trichomes. Buds often have a round shape and are of medium size.

CBUD Flower - Diamond Haze Aroma

This legal CBD weed really has a lot, and first and foremost its name, due to its delicate aroma. Its soft and sweet taste is enhanced in the aftertaste by the smell of exotic fruits such as citrus. The smell is delicate, light, sweet and never intrusive. These characteristics make it a favourite of women and the first choice of lovers of classic Haze.

CBUD Flower - Diamond Haze cultivation

The cultivation of this plant is located at the foot of the Alps, in Upper Piedmont and near the Val d'Aosta. The farm grows this variety of legal marijuana near the mountains because of its exceptional resistance to cold weather. Production takes place in greenhouses, where artificial light is used only in the early stages of the plant's life.

CBUD Flower - Diamond Haze origin

CBUD Flower - Diamond Haze is a classic of the Haze family and is, like other Hazes, predominantly Sativa. This strain was created by crossing three very well-known strains: the Skunk, the Haze and the Northern Lights. Experts will note that these strains are the roots of the Super Silver Haze; the difference between the two is that for the CBUD Flower - Diamond Haze a specific type of Northern-type was used: "Northern Light # 5 Haze". Thanks to this peculiarity, this cross creates a fruity variety with relaxing effects.

CBUD Flower - Diamond Haze percentage cbd

The percentage of CBD indicated above is purely indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in the laboratory on this species. Unfortunately, the product is a plant and there can be significant differences in the percentages of cannabinoids from one flower to another.

Despite the variability, Cbud guarantees the legality of all individual batches, as the THC is analysed daily on all products sold.

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