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CBUD Flower - Blue Cheese - 20% CBD / 0.02 THC

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CBUD Flower - Blue Cheese - 20% CBD < 0.2 THC

CBUD Flower - Blue Cheese CBD, also known as Franco's Lemon Cheese in honor of the late farmer Franco Loja, turns out to be a favorite among legal marijuana lovers because of its unique aroma.

CBUD Flower - Blue Cheese - 20% CBD < 0.2 THC flowers

The inflorescences of CBUD Flower - Blue Cheese are very light in colour, with a green that looks almost yellow; this is due to the strong presence of resin on the buds.

On closer inspection, the light green colour is interrupted by pistils and light orange, almost yellow trichomes.

The CBD buds are medium sized with little presence of apical buds.

CBUD Flower - Blue Cheese - 20% CBD < 0.2 THC aroma

The scent of this plant is the most important calling card. As the name suggests, these CBD flowers have a strong and clear scent that is very different from all other types of CBD hemp.

The scent is strong, intense with clear hints of citrus and especially lemon. Similarly, the aftertaste is particularly floral with a strong reference to the flowering lemon trees.

Origin and cultivation
This variety is cultivated by many European farms because it is known and appreciated in the cannabis world.

The selected production is located in the province of Pavia, in a country surrounded by rice fields. Cultivation in the plain makes it possible to have very high temperatures, especially during the summer season, which favours outdoor cultivation.

Lemon cheese is grown in tubular greenhouses similar to those for vegetables in southern Italy. These greenhouses do not use artificial light and are produced according to organic regulations. No heavy metals and/or GMO products are added.

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