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CBUD Flower - Blackberry - 20% CBD / 0.02 THC

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CBUD Flower - Blackberry - 20% CBD/ 0.02 THC

CBUD Flower - Blackberry is a product that is highly appreciated by customers looking for a very sweet taste. This variety, a well-balanced mix between indica and sativa, retains a good quality despite its very low THC content, and it was one of the first brands we released.

CBUD Flower - Blackberry - 20% CBD/ 0.02 THC buds

At first glance, the CBD buds of CBUD Flower - Blackberry show an unmistakable red, with a slightly elongated shape, of medium size. The colour of the flower is deep and somewhat dark green, almost completely covered with red/purple pistils and white trichomes, sticky with resin.

CBUD Flower - Blackberry Aroma

This CBD flower species owes its name and popularity to its distinctive aroma: fragrances of sweet ripe berries come first in the nose, followed by hints of flowers, lime and fruit. The taste is a balanced mix of sweet sensations that make you feel like you're enjoying a fruit candy.

CBUD Flower - Blackberry Aroma

The company we have worked with grows this variety in custom-made greenhouses that allow full management of lighting, humidity and room temperature throughout the life cycle of the plant. This estate mainly uses natural sunlight, which this plant species desperately needs, in addition to artificial light, which is only used when necessary to enable better plant development. This production follows biological regulations and does not use pesticides with heavy metals or GMOs.

CBUD Flower - Blackberry Aroma

Sun-drenched and born in Northern California, this variety is a tasty surprise that will make you dream of the sweet American hills. CBUD Flower - Blackberry is a balanced hybrid obtained by crossing two very popular strains, Chernobyl and Blueberry. The mixing ratio between indica and sativa is up to the grower, but usually the predominantly sativa version is preferred due to the sweetness of the final product. Another important reason for success is of course the high CBD content of the flowers.

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