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Astri Garden CBD Olie 10ml < 0.2 THC

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Astri Garden CBD Oil 5% - 10ML

Astri Garden CBD Oil 5% - 10ML is extracted according to traditional methods, so that as many substances as possible are preserved from the hemp plant. Including CBD, CBDA and CBN that together contribute to the medicinal effect of CBD oil.

We strongly advise against the vaping of CBD oil !!

Astri Garden CBD Oil 5% - 10ML

- 1-3 drops as needed.

Put the drops of CBD oil with the pipette under the tongue and leave them there for 30 seconds without swallowing. For example, the CBD is absorbed by your oral mucosa and gets directly into your blood, then swallowed with water.
Make sure that the pipette does not come into contact with your mouth! Due to the shelf life of the oil that does not contain preservatives.

Astri Garden CBD Oil 5% - 10ML

Astri Garden CBD Oil 5% - 10ML oil ensures that the body's own endo-cannaboid system functions better. This ensures inner peace, better concentration and better memory. Furthermore, it improves well-being and ensures a good night's sleep. CBD is analgesic. CBD is beneficial against osteoarthritis, helps with good bone production, is beneficial for the maintenance of cartilage and therefore flexible joints.
CBD is anti-aging and offers protection to healthy cells and tissues.

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